What type of online pokies can you find at GamePokies.com?

Heading out to the casino with some extra money on the weekend is one of those incredible experiences that you’ll cherish for a long time. If you really want to make the most of it, it’s important to understand which types of games you should play.

Some players like to make the rounds and try different games. Others have their favourites that they play at all the time, without checking out something new. As you venture into the world of gambling online or offline, you’ll find that sometimes the choices can be a little overwhelming. However, if you want to play the best types of online pokies, where you can play for several hours at a time, then you’ll need to know what those are.

Games With Multiple Jackpots

Pokies that offer a few different levels of jackpots are great to play because you can win one or more levels several times during your session. Many of these jackpots always pay out before they reach a certain amount of money. So look at the amount, then look at the menu to see if there is a limit and if it’s close to hitting.

Keep in mind that just because you sit there for hours playing, you may still not hit the level you’re hoping for. Because many of these jackpots are connected via network to other machines, you could end up being the only person playing, which means it takes longer for the jackpots to reach the level needed for payout. As people play the games, more money is added to the jackpot. So as more people play at the same time, the faster the jackpots reach their limits.

Games With Multiple Bonus Features

Sometimes you find a game that just keeps you entertained for hours. There is so much going on with these games that you might feel a little overwhelmed. However, your money can go much further with games like these. Very few pokies these days offer just straight play without some sort of bonus. However, some offer two or more of these types of bonus games:

  • free games
  • reel within a reel
  • pick one
  • pick until you bust
  • wheel spins

The majority of the time, you’ll trigger one of these features when you see three or more scatter symbols or other designated symbols appear on your screen. The only downside is that you could end up with multiple feature trigger symbols but not three in the designated areas. However, if you want to spend a long time on a machine while winning more and betting less, look for multiple bonus feature games.

Games With Random Extra Bonus Features

Some games are super exciting and in addition to offering bonus features, such as free spins, they also offer a bonus game of some sort in the middle of the action, whether you’ve hit the right scatter symbols or not. Some of these features could include a free spin or more.

Other random bonus one in which a character from the game comes out and freezes some of your symbol spots on the screen as “Wilds”. This little feature can seriously increase your bankroll faster than what you might think, whether you’re placing the maximum bet or not.

These quick and surprising bonus features allow you to save money, play for a long time and provide you with the chance to win a lot of much needed cash.

Games That Don’t Require Max Bets

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend at the casino, that’s okay because there are many games that don’t require you to place the maximum bet in order to gain some extra cash. These games don’t usually have a high jackpot that ranges in the millions, but they can help you end your session with a lot more cash than when you started.

Playing non-maximum games allows you to spread your bankroll out to different games or sit at the same one for a long time. Hint: It’s okay to start out with the minimum coin bet and randomly change the amount you’re betting from time to time. This can help you win higher amounts of money, without having to spend a lot all the time.

Games That Allow You to Change Your Coin Size

The coins size on the pokies is something you’ll definitely want to pay a lot of attention to. Games that allow you to change from a smaller coin size to a higher one can allow you to play for quite a while. If you’re interested in the pokies that show $1 coin sizes, look for an indication on the machine that says you can choose your bet.

Look for the button to press to change the size of the coin to something that you’re more comfortable with. This sometimes saves people a lot of money, and you can enjoy the game you want to play without wiping out your cash stash too quickly. Nevertheless, it’s important to pay attention to the amount of money you’re spending, even if you do change the coin size to the lowest limit for a while. Sometimes you can get carried away and think that because you’re not betting that much, that you still have money. Remember, time flies when you’re having fun!

The more you understand about playing the pokies, the more time you’ll have to enjoy everything that these games have to offer. Refrain from sitting down at the machine that offers the highest jackpot the operation is offering at that moment. This can lead you down a quick path of running out of money. Learn to enjoy the games and have fun, even it means spreading a little money out over several areas. Sometimes you can still win fairly big with a small bet, and any time you can leave the casino even a little richer than you were when you entered, it’s a good day.