What would be a solid strategy to utilize when playing online?

Some players find a certain strategy to utilize when they play pokies. Sometimes this strategy pays off; other times their experience is anything but fruitful. Those who use certain strategies are not necessarily rich people. In fact, some are very poor but they end up with wealth beyond their imagination.

There are various reason that people head to a casino to play their favourite games. It might come as a surprise to learn that some people don’t play to win money. If you’ve ever wondered why people gamble, when there is so much negative press and a stigma attached to it, this guide should provide some understanding.

Why the Majority of Players Gamble

It’s true that the number-one reason why people gamble is to win money. They have heard the stories of people winning hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars with one tiny little bet. This dream is always on the minds of both new players and seasoned players alike.

Some people need just a little extra cash to help them through the week, so they hope that their small bankroll is going to work for them, while playing Blackjack or the pokies. These are the smarter players, they play until they have won exactly what they need and then leave the casino, or shut down their computer.

How the Dream Compares to Reality

New players often become disillusioned when they notice that the little bit of money in their bankroll disappears quickly. If they are with friends, who are still playing, boredom sets in and their dreams and visions of winning a life-changing amount of money disappears. Even though the photos of people holding cheques totalling millions inspired them, they quickly learn that those photo-ops don’t come every day, and they don’t come for everyone. No matter how much money you spend.

Even the reality of winning just enough to get you through the week doesn’t always work out well. You could end up spending more than you hoped, so that you have even less money to make up for. Chasing losses then becomes a massive temptation. After all, you’ve spent all your money, that you didn’t really have to spend in the first place, so you need to get it back. However, it’s best to leave well enough alone at this point.

What the Dealers and Casino Hosts See

The employees at a casino are there to help you if you have any problems with the pokies. They are also there to provide you with information on problem gambling programs should you have one. They are not there to help you win, because they don’t know themselves.

Workers at a casino see pretty much every type of gambler. They have seen poor people, who probably shouldn’t be gambling putting what money they do have in the machines. They also see very rich people placing one bet that totals more than they would ever imagine having. However, for all the joys and struggles that casino employees have, they learn to take it all in stride and do their best to make everyone, regardless of their bet size, feel welcomed and at home.

Why the Rich Gamble

While some rich people play to increase their wealth, many play for the love of the game. Those who do play because they want to beat the casino. The amount of money they lose sometimes doesn’t have any bearing on the fun they are having.

The time the rich spend in the casino is usually spent perfecting their strategies so they can come out the winner. Winning is the name of the game, not necessarily money. If they place a huge bet and win, there is a certain amount of satisfaction gained.

How Much the Rich Gamble

Employees who work in the casino “high-roller” rooms can see a massive amount of money fly either out the window to the player, or out of the players pocket and into the casino’s bank account. It is not uncommon for the very rich to place bets upwards of $250,000 or more.

Those who love gambling for the love of the game and are not concerned about the money they lose, because they have a ton of it, simply want to win. These folks are usually the ones getting free penthouse suites in the hotel, chauffeured anywhere they want to go and not spending anything on fancy dinners and cocktails.

When high rollers put down a lot of cash, casino operators offer them the free stuff so that they’ll spend more money on the games. This is safe bet for them, because these folks love the adrenalin that comes with the unknown. It should be noted that very few people fall into this group of people. You should also know that just because someone has a lot of money, it doesn’t mean that they are going to always play the more expensive games. However, the average, everyday player won’t likely get all the freebies that the rich do, because they don’t fit into the “high roller” group of people.

Whether you want to spend a little or a lot, make sure you don’t spend more than you plan on. Regardless of whether you want to become a high roller, you’ll have to play a lot of money for this to happen first. This is why the majority of people who venture into the world on gambling won’t fit into this category. However, in a casino there are a lot more regular players than rich ones, so you’ll fit in just fine.