Understand Responsible Gaming

Before partaking in the games on GamePokies.com, understand that gambling is supposed to be fun. The free games offered are there to help you learn how to play and how the games operate and do not pay out real money. Games that do pay real money on winning combinations should always be played responsibly.

Saving Money

Before you logon to GamePokies.com, decide how much you are going to spend on the games and stop when you have reached that limit. Even if you are winning at the time that the limit is reached, it’s wise to stop when you have spent the amount you said you were going to spend.

If you have spent all your designated bankroll, but lost it all, don’t deposit more money in an attempt to get that money back. This is called chasing your losses and it almost never changes a losing streak into a winning one. You are better off leaving GamePokies.com and coming back another day.

The cashier page at GamePokies.com offers you the ability to set daily deposit limits on your account. Before you play for the first time, set up a daily deposit limit so that you can be assured that the temptation to play more money is gone.

Protect Your Account

Children sometimes use the same computer as their parents. Therefore, ensure that you take some steps to protect your accounts and your kids from being exposed to gambling. Remember, a person must be 18-years of age to wager online, even if they are using your account.

Memorize your GamePokies.com password or keep it in an undisclosed place so your children cannot get it. Additionally, refrain from using the auto-login feature.

When you leave the computer, log out of the GamePokies.com site and close the application

Even if your children know that you use online casino websites, you can place filters on your computer to prevent kids from accessing your GamePokies.com site or any other site that you deep inappropriate for children.

When It’s Not Fun Anymore

If you are not feeling excited about visiting GamePokies.com or other Internet gambling sites, this is your cue to stop gambling.

If you continue to gamble even though you don’t want to, or you get angry with the outcome easily, you may want to seek some help from one of the following entities:

Take steps to remove yourself from GamePokies.com and other gambling websites by taking part in the self-exclusion program. Once you put your name on the list of those unable to play, you’ll no longer have access.