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There are so many online pokies that you can play that you might have a hard time making up your mind. However, the online pokies can provide you with the ability to play many different games, and give you some extra money at the same time. Of course, there is always the possibility that you can win a tremendous amount of money that can change your and your family’s life for the better. Additionally, you can feel good about playing because casinos that offer these games donate to the community  as well.

One of the popular pokies that you can play from the comfort of your home is called “Lions Pride”. This game, which is brought to you by Microgaming, combines scenes from the wild world of Africa, specifically the Sahara with some fast-paced gaming action to bring you hours of entertainment. If you are someone who likes to learn as much as they can about the games before deciding to play, this guide provides you with what you need to know.

The Lions Pride Game Symbols

As you might have guessed, you’ll see lions grace your screen while playing Lions Pride, but that is not all you’ll come across. Here are the other symbols you can expect to land on the reels during play:

  • zebra
  • gazelle
  • tiger
  • Ace
  • King
  • Queen
  • Jack
  • 10
  • wild card
  • scatter

Lines and Reels

Lions Pride features five reels and 100 pay lines, so you’ll be sure to hit something at some point. The entire game is centered around animals of the Sahara so you can expect to see other African features on the screen outside of the reels.

Because there are 100 lines, there are also makes it possible that you will have many ways to win.

Bet and Jackpot Amounts

Lions Pride has two coin sizes available. You can play .01 per line or .02 per line with a 500 coin per line maximum.

There are two jackpots available. The major jackpot pays 1,200 coins and the secondary jackpot pays 1,000 coins. This may not seem like a lot, but if you should win any of the jackpots you won’t be complaining much.

Gamble Feature

Lions Pride offers you the opportunity to obtain higher wins, but using the “gamble feature”. This might sound like an odd name, since you are gambling already, but this is an interesting twist that can result in you winning money, or losing your win completely.

The gamble feature works by you clicking a button to play the game. More often than not, you will see one card. You’ll be asked whether you think the card is red or black. Once you choose, the card flips over. If you guess the right color your win is doubled. If you didn’t, then you lose the money you won.

Free Spin Bonus Feature

In addition to the aforementioned game symbols in Lions Pride, be on the lookout for at least three African masks. Getting these symbols triggers the free spin bonus, but there is something special in this bonus because you’ll have the opportunity to win up to 25 free spins.

Each spin can provide you with credits as well as additionally multipliers to increase those winnings. In fact, you could even increase your multiplier up to 10x what the wins are worth.

The amount of payouts you can obtain in the free spin bonuses can be quite lucrative, in fact there are people who believe that they have some of the highest payouts on the Internet.

Informational Menu

Before you begin playing Lions Pride, click the menu button and study all the details there. You’ll learn what the actual pay lines and combinations are. However, since there are 100 lines, you may not be able to memorize them all, and you’re not likely to want to, but the option is there if you feel the need to really know the game.

The menu will also give you the payout percentage that you can know how well the game is legally required to pay out. But it’s important to remember that just because it says it has a certain payout percentage, it doesn’t mean that you are going to be the one to be playing at the exact moment needed to win the money.

Speed of Play

Even though you might like to control the speed of your game play, you do have options when you play Lions Pride. You can slow down the speed of the reels and the game as a whole. Additionally you can press “auto-play” and watch game work on it’s own.

It’s important to remember if you do use the autoplay feature that you’ll need to keep an eye on your bankroll. Sure, you won’t have to click the button in order to play, but if you’re not seeing a lot of winning spins, your bankroll could dwindle quickly. Also, the autoplay feature will stop if you hit the bonus feature, so you can collect your free spins and enjoy the ride.

The more you know about each game that you play, the more you can find the ones that you love and the ones that you feel you might be successful at. Even though you don’t have much control over the outcome of the game, controlling your bet is something you can control. It is important to take the time to review Lions Pride yourself to see if you will like it. While it is fun to some, it is not for everyone.

Plan to spend a little while giving Lions Pride a chance to see if the Lions, gazelles, zebras and other parts of the Sahara can keep you interested in playing for several hours at a time, or at least for a few minutes when you are taking a break from your other favorite games. As always, remember to watch the amount of money and time you are spending playing the games and take a break when you get too zoned out playing any online pokies. Remember that a clear head makes responsible gambling decisions