Love the Hot Shot game? Play them here!

Most venues offer a game called “Hot Shot” from the game company Bally. The game is wildly popular with most players. In fact, some people save their gambling money up so they can spend it all on these machines. Because they can be pricey, depending on which coin size you choose, some players may play other games first in hopes to win enough money to allow for these higher bets.

The popularity of this game comes because there are reels within the reels, so to speak as the bonus game. This is where the money can truly rack up in your favour. Hot Shot pays on nearly every spin. Of course there are times when you won’t receive anything at all, but the majority of the time, you’re likely to get something back from your bet.

People who love such online pokies are extremely happy that they can now play at home, as long as the casino offering the game allows Australians to play. As with any of the pokies, it’s a good idea to understand at least a little bit about how the game works. This guide explains what you’ll see on the screen, how the game works and the best way to bet when playing Hot Shot.

Hot Shot Cost

If you play Hot Shot in a brick and mortar casino, you’ll notice that each machine has a different coin size. The majority of the Hot Shot pokies will cost a maximum bet of $2, $4, or $5.

When you play online, you’ll have the option to change the coin size. You can bet very little to a very large amount.

Hot Shot offers various levels of progressive jackpots, so while your determining what coin size you want, keep in mind that you’ll need to place the maximum bet in order to be eligible for this jackpot.

Hot Shot Symbols

When you begin playing Hot Shot, you’ll notice the various symbols on the screen. When they line up properly, you can win either a little money or a lot. The symbols you’ll see as you’re playing include:

  • one “7”
  • two “7s”
  • three “7s”
  • one “7” with flames
  • two “7s” with flames
  • three “7s” with flames
  • one bar
  • two bars
  • three bars
  • dollar signs
  • Hot Shot reel
  • bell

Lining up the sevens during regular play pays out the most money. There are no wild symbols in this game.

Hot Shot Bonus Feature

Each reel has a designated jackpot amount. The lowest amount is on the first reel, and the amounts go up from there with the fifth reel offering the highest jackpot.

In order to obtain the jackpot bonus feature, you must land at least three of the mini reels in any position on the screen. The game takes over from there and there is no action needed by you at this time.

The minimum amount of reels put into play during the bonus is three, but you can get as many as five free reels if the Hot Shot reel lands on every reel during regular play.

Once this happens, the mini reels spin and your win is dependent on the symbols on those reels. In order to hit the jackpot, the jackpot symbol must land in line in the centre position on the screen. In fact, any winning combination must land on the centre position on the mini reel screen.

The jackpot symbols act as wilds during the bonus feature. However, your winnings are multiplied greatly and can range in the thousands of dollars depending on if you only land one or two jackpot symbols.

Variations of Hot Shot

Even though the majority of Hot Shot pokies are fairly straight forward, there are variations of the game. You might see some variations of the game including:

  1. a wheel spin bonus feature during the reel spin bonus feature
  2. five reel games with an opportunity for reel symbols on each spot
  3. double wheel spin with free game opportunities
  4. bonus money when specific symbols fall on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reel.

Betting Suggestions

It’s best to have a decent amount of playing money when you play Hot Shot. However, if your bankroll is small, like only around $100, don’t place the maximum bet at first. Switch up your bets between the lowest ones. You could end up with enough money to allow you to play the maximum bet. That being said, if you’re feeling especially lucky, go ahead and place the maximum bet, the Hot Shot bonuses can happen often enough to build up your bankroll to play longer and to take the chance at the jackpots.

When placing your bets, pay attention to how long the game has gone without providing a Hot Shot bonus feature. Although the game is on a computer chip, like other pokies, there are times that you could sit there for a long time without seeing this feature at all. If it’s been a long time, or if repeated features don’t pay much out at all, go play another game for a while.

Also, keep in mind that these games don’t normally have a lot of spins that provide no return. They do have some, but if you’ve played several spins and not received any return for your efforts, consider playing another game.

All-in-all, the Hot Shot Pokies are extremely popular and this popularity shows no sign of slowing down at all. It might seem as if you’re not getting much bang for your buck if you’re getting small returns, but then when the Hot Shot bonus feature hits, you could find yourself a lot richer than what you were when you first sat down to play. As always, remember to gamble responsibly, have fun and pay attention to the size of your bankroll so that you’re not running out of money before you really want to. Enjoy Hot Shot for all that it offers and you’ll soon be calling it one of your favourites as well.