Don’t let the design of pokies keep you enthralled

There is little doubt that you love playing the pokies. No matter what your reasons for playing, for fun or in an attempt to win a life-changing amount of money, you aren’t likely to find any activity that you enjoy more; especially if you love the bonus features and free spins. From time to time though, people may end up with more addiction than what they bargained for and it could lead to financial and relational disaster if you don’t get it under control

Perhaps the biggest reason that people don’t admit that they have a problem with gambling is that they know that playing the pokies may never be in the cards for them, ever again. They will never be able to see the bright lights, interactive graphics or experience the thrill they get when the bonus features pop up, or they get a nice win. In fact, those with gambling problems are much like those with alcohol or other addictions; breaking it off completely is the only way.

If you want to prevent this from happening to you, there are some steps that you can take. It will require a persistent effort on your part to prevent addiction and keep the idea of playing the pokies at bay when you simply cannot afford this type of entertainment. Let the information in this guide to keep your head in the game and out of the cloud of addiction.

Don’t Let the Design of the Pokies Keep You Enthralled

Pokies are designed with attraction in mind. The designs, graphics and sounds of the games are so attractive that you might want to continue to experience what is going on in the game, even if you’re running out of money. However, if you understand that this is the main purpose, you can train your brain to not let that happen.

Before you start playing, get your mind set on the fact that no matter how awesome the graphics are or how interactive they are, that you won’t keep feeding money into the game in hopes of seeing more action.

Keep glancing at your bankroll total, try to play games that show your total dollar amount instead of credit amount, and stop playing when your bankroll hits a certain level; no matter what.

The games are always going to be there, so it doesn’t matter if you feel that the next spin is the one that’s going to win. If you were meant to win during that session, you will and no amount of interactive bonus features or free spins is going to change that fact. If you don’t win this time, you might have better luck during the next session.

Don’t Have Your Credit or Debit Cards Handy

If you’re playing the pokies in a brick and mortar casino, take only cash with you. Leave the credit and debit cards at home. In doing so, you’ll have no choice but to leave the casino because you’ll have no way of getting more funds. Sometimes breaking this connection between you and the pokies is all that’s needed to snap your brain back into thinking correctly.

If you’re playing at home, you are going to have to use some (or a lot) of self-restraint. Your credit and debit cards are easily accessible as well as the ability to pay via PayPal on come casino websites. However, PayPal does have limits on how much you can spend in one day, and you can take the initiative to call your credit and debit card companies to place a limit on your cards yourself, if you feel that you won’t be able to contain your desire to play.

Look over your bank accounts to analyse where you are financially. If your mortgage is coming up, don’t play unless it and other bills are paid; and for goodness sakes, make sure there is food in the house before you spend any money on the pokies.

Answer the Calls and Take the Interruptions

If you are playing at home, make good use of what you think are annoyances at first. For example, stop playing for a few minutes and perform these tasks:

  • answer the phone
  • check the mail
  • check social media notifications
  • check incoming email
  • play with a begging dog
  • attend to your child’s pleas for attention
  • cook a meal

While you might not think that you would let these things go, remember that many people have had that same thought and they are likely unable to play, ever again. Don’t let your ego get the best of you; understand that you can fall short of doing the right thing just like anyone else can.

Stay Away From Loans

Just as you are limiting the amount of money you’re able to remove from your credit and debit cards, or leaving them home if playing in a brick and mortar casino, it can be very tempting to take out a loan from the casino to play even more.

While this temptation can have you playing longer, it is a very dangerous thing to do and you could end up losing everything you own. Remember, you and only you are responsible for the amount of money that you spend playing the pokies. The casino’s bank loaning you the money is not responsible at all.

Only play with money that is free and clear. This goes for the mortgage on your home as well. Nothing good can ever come from mortgaging your home more than you already have. Even if your home is paid off, it is not a good idea to remortgage your home just so you can play. Why go backwards with your home loan?

The more you know about responsible gambling, the more you can enjoy the games and not end up with an addiction problem. However, if you feel you are developing one, seek help from a professional immediately, come clean with your family and loved ones, and resolve to let others enjoy the pokies while you find another hobby.