Why are there no pokie machines at the Canberra Casino?

Australia is home to some very famous casinos. In fact, so cities offer them pretty much everywhere you turn. Finding the right place to play the pokies might be a tough decision because you do have many choices.

Whether you want to play in a large facility or a small one, there is something available. However, as with anything else, some are just more popular than others are. If you want to play at the hottest place in town, right in the centre of Canberra, Australia, you might have a few questions.

It is always good to know as much as possible about the venue your planning on spending your bankroll at, before you head out the door. This guide answers a few of the frequently asked questions about Casino Canberra. I went there last night and played tons of pokie machines. No I’m kidding, because this is the only casino without a pokies license. So is it still worth visiting?

Where is Casino Canberra Located?

If you’re visiting Australia’s capital city, you’ll find Casino Canberra in the central business district of the city on Binara St. It was the very first to open in Australia.

If you’re looking for a smaller casino that offers several types of games, this is the place to be. There are no hotels, shops or theatres.

What Games Does it Offer?

If you’re into table games, you’ll love your experience at Casino Canberra. There are 39 gaming tables. The games include:

  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Craps

There is also a poker room and a sports betting lounge. A word of waring though, if you’re looking for pokies, this may not be for you.

Casino Canberra is the only casino in Australia that does not have a license to offer pokies. Attempts are always being made to change that, but as of yet it has not happened.

Is There a Rewards Program?

There are two rewards programs available, and depending on how much you visit and wager, you could earn enough point to redeem for special prizes, meals, hotels room and some of the local businesses will allow you to redeem them as well. The Senators Club offers additional benefits including entries into tournaments, and better parking with security.

What Other Venues Are in the Area?

You’ll find various hotels, restaurants, bars and theatres in and around the business district of Canberra. Because it is located in the business district of the hotel, you’ll also notice office buildings and a nightlife that will have you in awe of the entire city.

Is There a Dress Code?

The establishment is considered to be a calming environment with an emphasis on sophistication. It would be decent to dress in a business/casual manner rather than shorts and a T-shirt.

How is the Customer Service?

Because Casino Canberra is kind of small, it’s focus on customer service is second to none in the area. It doesn’t matter if you’re there to take part in a Texas Hold’em tournament or if you’re just there for dinner, you can expect to receive the best of the best in customer service.

Is there a Nightclub?

The Galaxy nightclub is on the second floor of Hotel Canberra. In addition to weekend nightlife excitement, there are several events that take place in club. You can watch a game, play a tournament, or just have fun catching up with old friends.

Déjà vu Functions Room is another nightclub/meeting facility located on the second floor. Here you can catch live entertainment from comedians, musicians and other entertaining acts. Some pretty big area names have been known to headline at Déjà vu. This particular club features two bars, DJ facilities, and what club would be complete without a dance floor. If your not into clubbing but need a room for a conference, this is the place to be because of the business technologies offered.

Keep in mind that due to liquor laws, only those 18 and older are allowed entrance.

What Restaurants are there?

The Sports Bar located on the gaming floor serves your favourite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with a happy hour from 5 pm to 7 pm. You can take a break from the gaming action and have a cocktail before dinner.

Dinner is served in the 180 East Restaurant. This is the place to go no matter what you’re hungry for. Their dishes range from Indian cuisine to down home Aussie cooking. It’s best to make reservations so that you’ll be sure to get a table to accommodate your entire party.

Do Local Hotels Partner With Hotel Canberra?

Hotel Canberra works with a few hotels in the area to help with convention and conference attendees when booking the Déjà vu functions room. If your company is trying to organise an event, give the Casino Canberra a call and they can take care of everything you need organised in a timely manner, that’s also within budget.

How Do You Learn About Specials?

Follow Casino Canberra on the various social media websites and you can also download their app to your smartphone. Check it often to learn about all the various specials, tournaments, restaurant deals and which entertainers are performing.

Do They Teach You How to Play

If you’ve never gambled before, you might be a little shy about jumping right into a game. Don’t worry, you can enter and watch to learn how the games are played. Ask the dealers question to learn more, and then place some smaller bets to try your luck. The casino considers everyone a friend, so go ahead and learn as much as you can.

Casino Canberra is definitely something to check out when your in the capital city. It would stand to reason that there are many things about this casino that was opened in 1994 that you will want to see. The history of the area certainly tells a story that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. While taking a break from the action, visit some of the city’s tourist attractions and look for specials on those as well.