Floor Etiquette: Do you know how to behave? A few tips!

You might not think that going to the casino while on holiday, or even logging in online wouldn’t require a lot of extra manners. After all, saying “please” and “thank you” are a given. Yielding the right of way while walking through a crowded floor is also something that you’ll naturally do. And of course, giving an occasional smile is just something you’ve been raised to do.

Casinos are places to have fun, possible meet new people and to try to win some money. However, if you’ve been the victim of someone else’s poor behaviour, you probably think they should take a lesson in casino etiquette. Some things are just not the same in a casino as in other facilities. Before you head out or login, review this guide so that you’ll know what’s expected, even if it isn’t written down anywhere.

Smoking Etiquette

Perhaps the biggest etiquette tip you’ll need to know about concerns smoking. Many people hate the mere thought of cigarettes or cigars. However, if the brick and mortar casino you’re visiting allows smoking, be aware of this.

Don’t expect someone to stop smoking because you wave your hand around in disgust. This isn’t going to happen. If you’re lucky, the person will hold whatever it is their smoking in their other hand, if not they may just look at you and sneer while they light up one after the other.

The bottom line is not to look down on anyone who is smoking if you’re in a building that permits it. If you simply can’t take the smoke, if you’re disgusted by it, or if you’re allergic to it, then may online gambling is the way to go. Don’t expect people sitting next to you to refrain from enjoying their cigarette just because you don’t like it.

Tipping Etiquette

In a brick and mortar casino, nearly every worker you meet should be tipped. They are there to make your gambling experience as enjoyable as possible. Everyone from the cocktail servers to the person handing you the cash from a jackpot should be tipped.

The amount you tip is actually up to you, but remember that while these folks earn a decent living, they also depend on your kindness to help their families enjoy life just as you are.

Do keep in mind that some areas frown upon tipping. Your best bet is to look into this before you go and take enough small bills with you so that you can tip appropriate and not get caught without any cash to do what needs to be done.

If you can’t afford to tip, or don’t want to, then maybe gambling isn’t for you, or you might find the online pokies to be the way to go instead. There is no way to tip an online cashier or tech person, so consider this an option.

Cleaning Up Etiquette

While you’re enjoy the pokies, there are going to be times when you eat and drink. However, keep in mind that just as someone was playing the game before you, there will be someone playing after you.

Toss wrappers, even gum wrappers in the trash. Do the same with paper cups and empty cigarette packages. In short, leave the area cleaner than it was when you arrived.

Many casinos have people who wander around with trash receptacles to clean up. Don’t make their job harder by being messy.

The same can be said for when your wagering at the online pokies from the comfort of your own. Clean up after yourself and don’t expect other family members to clean up after you while you’re sitting there having fun.

Hygiene Etiquette

Always try to look your best when visiting a casino. Wash up before you go and wear deodorant. Consider what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes, sitting there next to a stranger who doesn’t care what they look or smell like.

When it comes to perfumes or cologne, the lighter the better. Some folks have allergies to certain scents and you don’t want to be the one to trigger a reaction, thereby ruining someone’s day.

When it comes to hygiene at home, consider your family’s comfort as well. However, don’t forget to enjoy the fact that you can play your favourites while in your lounging clothes.

Don’t Hover

Perhaps the biggest thing that irritates other players is when someone is standing right up against the back of their seat waiting for them to finish their game. This is a huge no-no in the casino world. It’s rude, unsophisticated and can create a tense situation.

Play another game or wait for the one you want to play at a decent distance. Personal space is extremely important, especially in crowded spaces. If you don’t get to play the game you want, then you weren’t meant to. It’s really that simple.

You won’t have to wait for a game if you’re playing at home, nor will you have to worry about someone hovering over you like a vulture when you’re just trying to have fun.

Actually Play the Game

If you’re with a friend, and you’re not playing, don’t sit in the chair next to them if the casino is busy. Stand behind them or go walk around and do some people watching while you wait.

If you do sit and someone asks if your playing the game, do lie and say you are, or only put in enough money for one spin. Not only are you being rude, but you’re also costing the casino money because that game is not being played.

Anytime you take part in any activity that hundreds of others are taking part in make sure that you’re polite and understand the unwritten etiquette rules. Not doing so can create an uncomfortable situation for others and yourself. If you’re not sure what you should be doing, ask a floor host and they will be glad to fill you in on what you really need to know.